Yes, WorkCron supports HTTP basic authentication.

There are 3 ways you can add HTTP basic authentication credential to your cron job requests:

1. Entering user and password in "HTTP basic auth" fields in your cron job creating/editing form (recommended).

2. Putting user and password in HTTP header:

By adding
Authorization: Basic __BASE64_ENCODED_CREDENTIAL__
to your "HTTP Header" field of your cron job setting, you will be authorized.
Note: __BASE64_ENCODED_CREDENTIAL__ is base64-encoded string of "user:password". You can use online base64-encoder to do the encoding.

3. Putting user and password in URL:

An example URL is as below:
https://user:[email protected]/cron.php?foo=bar

If your user or password contains special characters, you may use percent-encoded user or password. There is an online encoder at Please encode user or password separately and put them into the final URL.

If you provide more than one set of credential, the priority will be: method #1 > method #2 > method #3.